10 Affirmations To Attract Prosperity

Affirmations reach upward

Thought for today:

We use affirmations in DA because they help stop the self-limiting messages some of us tell ourselves, and because they replace those messages with better ideas to improve our attitudes, energize our work, and attract wealth.

A member shares:

“When I use affirmations, I coax prosperity out of the future.  Affirmations help me visualize the future, and I feel hope again.”


Here are some wealth-attracting affirmations. They are purposely in the present tense to help energize us. Notice how you feel when you read or say these out loud:

“I attract wealth into my life.”

“I am ready to receive that wealth in order to improve my world.”

“I have plenty of time, money and love.”

“I see things clearly, and I am unafraid about the future.”

“I know where I am going with my career, and I am enjoying the journey.”

“The value I build into my product (or job or service) improves my life.”

“My work brings value to my customers, to my friends, to my family, and most of all, to myself.”

“I make consistent productivity gains.”

“My friends bring me joy.”

“I am grateful for the precious miracle of my recovery.”


“Am I willing to dream again?”

Meditation for Today:

Healing change starts when we envision the future.  If nothing ever changes in life, we stagnate, but opportunity accompanies change.  Our dreams affirm who we want to become, and what we want to do in the future.

Sometimes we place limits on the good that can come into our lives, with negative self-talk.  To counteract that tendency, we can ask our Higher Power to remove from us every self-limiting message we tell ourselves, so that our affirmations can help us grow freely.

Affirmations for Today:

“As I create affirmations for attracting wealth, I realize that there is plenty of time, money, and love in the world.”

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