A Simple Technique to Stop Time-Debting

Thought for today: We talk about “time-wasting” like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not.  Sometimes, wasting time helps us break through a barrier. A member shares: “I am a workaholic.  I work all the time to pay bills and creditors.  Even when I am not on the job, I need to be productive.  I […]

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7 Habits That Make Our Recovery Blossom


Thought for today: When we were still suffering the effects of active debting, under earning and overspending, we became desperate people.  Financial chaos had become familiar – even normal, with drama at every turn.  We wanted to hide and have someone take it all away. A member shares: “When I was a kid, I learned to behave.  I didn’t […]

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Why Debting, Underearning and Overspending Are Core Addictions

Letting Go

Thought for today: Compulsive debtors, in a desperate need to escape the grief of financial self-destruction,  have sometimes turned to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, or other compulsions.   When overspending and debting no longer work, when debating’s degrading aftereffects destroy all peace of mind, we sought escape. The outcome is never good.  We make matters worse.  We may become dually-addicted. […]

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Tips For Making a Gratitude List


Thought for today: Gratitude sustains us.  It cannot coexist with resentment.  It helps us deal with petty frustrations and despair over past mistakes.  It is optimistic.  We don’t feel like hiding.  In the worst of times, gratitude improves our lives.  How do we get gratitude? A member shares: “I had many resentments when I first […]

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“Black Friday” Emotional Triggers To Spend


Thought for today: “Got to have it!  No way to be without it!  One day only!  Black Friday is here!  Don’t miss it!…” During the holiday season the media bombards us with ads to buy.  How can we resist?  There is a romance about spending – it is intoxicating! Think of the people we’d let down – the ones who count […]

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Step Six


Thought for today: Having gone through the first five Steps, Step Six makes it simple: If we want to recover from debt addiction, and have healing from the defects discovered in Step Five, we need to become willing to switch from our way of doing things to our Higher Power’s way.  With guidance from our Sponsors, and honest introspection, we […]

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How To Handle Disruptions In Meetings

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: It’s easy to judge another person’s lack of commitment to recovery.  If we see them missing meetings or arriving late all the time, we may feel that their priorities are wrong.  When they complain about being unable to bring themselves to track their numbers, we may wonder what it will take for them to hit bottom. Sometimes […]

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3 Steps to Transforming Our Lives

Thought for today: In the DA pamphlet on Visions, we learn that our vision can be something uniquely ours.  How do we find our “Vision”? A member shares: “When I made my first Visions meeting,I didn’t know what to make of it.  It felt strange and selfish to think of what I wanted.  Why had I […]

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Sales, And When to Avoid Them


Thought for today: A person meanders through stores for hours on end.  Maybe it’s one store.  They feel compelled to buy many things they didn’t plan on.  Maybe they spend nothing, and go without food just to “window shop”. They may not even have something specific they plan to buy.  They may not even enjoy the process. […]

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Grateful Gift-Giving

Holiday Flowers

Thought for today: Many of us celebrate holidays with gift-giving.  Some of us keeping giving beyond a healthy point and don’t know when to stop. Gift-giving should be a joyful thing, but we don’t want to over-do it, right?  How?  A member shares: “I used to give a lot to people during the holidays, to the […]

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