4 Ways to Eliminate Time-Clutter In Business and Personal Life to Achieve Your Vision

Thought for today:

Sometimes to recover from compulsive debting it helps to develop our Visions for the future. A Vision board helps us map out where we want to head in the future, to make our Action Plan a reality.  We cut pictures out of magazines, and make collages with the things we want to get, do or become.

We see ourselves enjoying these things.  We use the board in meditations and affirmations.  Even having it hanging on our refrigerator helps reinforce our goals.

Sometimes we need to put in time and effort to make our visions come true. Because this is unfamiliar territory for some, a simple plan can help.

One person shares:

“When I do vision boards I keep getting inspired to be an entrepreneur.  But how do you know if an idea I have is worth acting on?

“My life is so busy as it is.  I keep envisioning, but nothing happens because I’m not acting on it.”

Reducing time-clutter to help make Visions a reality:

Assuming the vision you are considering is something you would enjoy, or will increase your income or it is something worth delegating to another person, you need to streamline your time and processes to get there.

To improve the chances of your vision, try these four steps, which are loosely based on a passage from the book The 4 Hour Work Week *:

  1. De-clutter your vision.  Hoping is one thing, but actually clearing a path to it is another. If you want a new wardrobe, give or discard the old one. If you want more free time, discard the things you do that you do not enjoy and that do not earn income.
  2. Organize the things that are left.  If you have a job you can delegate, document it. Put the steps down on paper. For everything you own, give it a place to live. Put all like objects together in one storage space, so that you do not have many storage places for the same thing throughout the house. One person found a dozen packages of dental floss scattered throughout their home. Another was able to streamline a process to take pictures and then sell products on Ebay.
  3. Delegate. If your vision is to free up time, seek out an assistant who needs work. Sometimes a family member who lives with you can do a job you thought you were the only one who could do. Give simple instructions, and ask them to check in with you in three hours to see what progress they made.
  4. Monitor your delegates.  If you’ve uncluttered your living space, keep up the space by putting things where they belong. If you’ve delegated a task, check in with your assistant to see what they have achieved in a short time.

When we clear out the clutter, streamline what’s left, get help where we can, and follow through, then our visions will very likely become our reality!


Am I willing to put in the footwork to make my visions a reality?

Meditation for today:

Acceptance is the solution to problems. If we’re stuck on something keeping us from where we want to be, we need to let it go.

We can release expectations placed on other people. If there is work to be done, we can stop fighting it.  If our goal requires sacrifice, it’s easier to make it happen if we accept that the situation is temporary.

Things can move swiftly once we practice acceptance.

Affirmations for today:

“Today I will move toward my visions.”

Follow Through:

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