6 Things To Say When A Creditor Calls

Thought for today:

When a creditor calls us out of the blue demanding payment for a bill we didn’t expect, it can trigger  a lot of fear.  We who work the program of recovery find that a quick reaction to repay is not necessary, and is often harmful to our future abundance.   After all, the call could be a mistake.  It’s important at such times to stay calm and simply gather the facts.

Here are some things to make sure you do during the call:

  1. We need to ask for information about the debt in writing.  A reputable creditor will be happy to send you a copy of the bill.   If they are not willing to do this, be suspicious.  There are scams out there, and we want to avoid being taken advantage of.  Plus, having the debt information in writing will help us get clarity with the debt.  Having the invoice in writing is essential.
  2. We let them know we are not going to make a rush decision.  We need to be clear that we will not be able to make a repayment plan over the phone.  We are just gathering facts,  (and writing them down, which is also important!)  Again, not everyone is reputable, and the person calling may not actually be the person they say they are.
  3. We express a desire to pay.  If the debt is genuine, we can express that we honestly want to pay the debt as soon as we can, given our situation.
  4. We tell them we are getting advice. We can tell them that we are going to first talk with our Pressure Relief Group, or a financial advisor.  It’s important to let creditors know that we take debt seriously enough to get expert advice.
  5. We mention we are working a program.  Some of us let our creditors know about our DA Twelve Step program and how it works to help people with debts.  This is optional, of course, but if the person on the other end of the phone is trying to work with you, it helps them know where you stand.
  6. We schedule a follow-up appointment.  We can make a telephone or in-person appointment for a future date to work out a payment plan.  Usually these occur in one month increments.  Some members have monthly calls with their creditors to check in.  They are on a first name friendly basis, and set up a relationship of trust.

During the month between this phone call and the next, we have work to do.  We need to track everything we earn and spend.  We need to have a PRM.   We need to develop an actual Spending Plan and an Action Plan.  Yeah, we were telling the creditor the truth.  We are working the program, and that may even include writing a debt Moratorium letter.

Then, during the followup conversation with our new friend, we can share details about our spending plan.  We can give them as  much depth as they want, for we are getting comfortable talking about our financial situation.

In these ways, we express our dignity, begin to establish trust, and gain invaluable understanding of our finances.  No longer do we need to “over-promise” to creditors and neglect ourselves in the process in order to make the minimum payments.

Our Spending Plan may not be ideal for our creditors, but it will be ideal for us.  And if we take care of our needs first,we prepare for future prosperity.

Our reactions to creditors speak volumes to our souls.  When we work this program, we are better off.  We  rely on our intuition and on our Higher Power to  interpret everything necessary for clear communication.

Do I trust the honest way to work through even the toughest financial times?

Meditation for today:

Real peace comes from persistently re-focusing our attention on what is important in this moment, and turning our attention away from what is not.  If something or someone troubles you, try to let it go as soon as you can.

If you find it hard to let go, ask your Higher Power to find the way for you.  Some people find it helps to pray for the other person.  Your Higher Power can always be available to help guide you.

Affirmations for today:

“Today I will speak calmly.  I will express myself clearly.  I will find time to reflect on my reactions to others.   I will gain wisdom to replace fear.”

“I spend time getting clarity with my financial plan.”

“When I follow the simple guidance of DA I acquire clarity with my spending, income,  debts and  savings.”

Follow Through:

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