March 14, Am I Planning or Procrastinating?

Thought for today:

A member shares about how DA helps them develop action plans:

“Sometimes I take on too many commitments.  It’s like I need to de-clutter my to do list!  I am learning in DA to delegate whenever necessary, and not do for others what they could do for themselves.

“I also ask myself ‘How important is it?’ when a task comes up, and if my answer is “not too”, and if I am able to change my plans, I take it off my list for the day.

“I  share with my sponsor my action plan and my spending plan, and adjust them if they are not realistic.”

Sometimes, perfectionism keeps us in a kind of ‘analysis paralysis’.  Another member says:

“I never write anything down.  I have no written to do list.  I just sort of keep it all in the back of my head.”

Here, by choosing not to record any plans, large projects are out of the question, because they are rejected out of hand as “too overwhelming”.   Planning requires a goal, and a decision about how to plan for it, and if a project is worthy, it should have written tasks that support it.

To the underachievers among us, consider the words of Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and Aristotle, “The unplanned life is not worth examining.” It’s also been said that “Proper planning prevents poor performance”.  (Just ask a musician if this is true!)

To the overwhelmed planners among us, consider that sometimes we have to “just do it”., even if it feels unfamiliar to think a project through, while making sure that for each task we “keep it simple”, and our project will eventually become reality.

Meditation for today:

Self-love means being kind to oneself.  It means slowing down and enjoying one moment at a time.  Moments string together to make the fabric of our lives.  We can only weave one stitch of life at a time.  It is so much simpler, when we focus our minds in this way.

Affirmation for today:

I will pick a point today when I will keep moving for one hour. During that hour I will work on whatever my program says I need to achieve.  After that hour, I will “let go, and let God”, and see what’s next.

Prayer for today:

I pray that I invite my Higher Power into my plans and dreams.  I pray that I not put off things that are in my best interest to get done.

Further Reading:

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