Why Slow Growth Is Good


Thought for today: If we ever saw our entire life’s transformation all at once – fast forward like a time-lapse movie of a flower blossoming – we would be overwhelmed.  Time serves a purpose.  We need time to learn to trust change.  Time is our friend, and slow growth is sustainable growth. We can learn to trust the process of […]

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How to Use Mint.Com to Track Spending and Earning

Thought for today: Many of us struggle to find a simple tool to help us track our spending and earning.  Some wind up in a kind of paralysis trying to track numbers, getting caught up in piles of ‘late entry’ stacks of overwhelming receipts. For many people, Mint* is a less emotionally charged yet highly efficient way to manage their numbers. What […]

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Working Like It’s “Me, Incorporated”


Thought for today: Those of us who experience chronic underearning feel stuck in our jobs.  It seems like everyone knows how to get ahead in their jobs and get promotions but us, that we missed the one day in school when they told the class about the secret of fulfilling and rewarding employment. Isolation also goes along with underearning. […]

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“What Does It Mean to Truly Take Care of My Needs First?”

"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves"

Thought for today: For some of us, it was pure torture to say “no” to our creditors.  To risk a bad credit score was a death sentence, we thought. How dark it was before the dawn! Our compulsion was a symptom of our fear and pride.   What reasonable person would spend hundreds of dollars on bounced […]

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How to Detach from Difficult Personalities

Letting Go

Thought for today: We need to detach emotionally from the “trolls” of business and of  life.  We stop engaging emotionally with chronic or mischievous complainers.  We lower our expectations for cooperation from them, which reduces conflicting emotions.  This allows us to focus instead on our customers and friends. BDA Tool #10: “We detach from difficult personalities and poor paying […]

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How to Like PlentyTML.com

If you like what your read here on PlentyTML, you can help us carry the message in three easy ways: 1)  “Like” a post.  To do this, click the “Like” button on the post.  It brings you to a WordPress login window.  In order to like a post, create a username and password – something […]

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