Dealing With the Emotional Triggers of “Black Friday”.

Thought for today:

“Got to have it.  No way to be without it.  One day only!  Black Friday is here!  Don’t miss it!…”

Bombarded with ads to buy, how can you resist?  Think of the romance lost and the people you let down who count on you if you don’t spend!

Anyone sensitive to this holiday messaging needs to step back and do a reality check.

No one has made a worse mess with money than we compulsive debtors and shopaholics in the throws of our disease.

Who are we letting down if we don’t buy?  Isn’t it our own pride that will be hurt?

Are we afraid of blowing our self-image?  Is envy prompting us to buy?

On the other hand, are we being too lazy to share our abundance with others?  Is generosity alien to us?

If character defects of pride, envy, greed, etc. threaten to run the show, maybe we should make a DA meeting or phone call and wait for sound thinking to return.

Meditation for today:

Unnecessary panic is a sign of mental fatigue, overload, and emotional exhaustion.  As a child spinning too much on a merry go round gets dizzy, so our perspective gets distorted by too much busy-ness.  A cure for dizziness is to focus on one object.  It’s hard to do, because your eyes want to keep jumping away to other places.

Affirmation for today: 

“If I feel worry or self doubt, I will focus on one thought for a minute, the idea that I have all that I need.”

“I always stay grateful for the blessings in my life.”