Doubting the Doubters, Embracing Our Creativity

Thought for today:

Compulsive debtors are creative people.  We have many more ideas than we have time to work them.  Dreams of entrepreneurship run deep in some of us.  For others, the performing arts are the thing.  Others enjoy writing, painting, or some of the many other expressions of creativity.

A member shares:

“By the time I reached out for help with our debts, my creativity was almost totally squeezed out of me.  By that time the only way I was creative was I focused on the dread of debt and being destitute, and when I was scrambling to find the exit sign from this disease.”

Creative solutions:

The program of recovery from compulsive debting helps many of us use our creativity to get solvent, get our lives back, and grow.  Some of us have learned how to monetize a hobby.  We found ways to earn residual income or to scale a small business into a large one.

Others learned that being an artist didn’t require personal deprivation.  In fact, the opposite was true: we needed financial resources so we could share our artistic nature with the public.


Am I ready to channel my creativity today?

Meditation for today:

Share your dreams with positive people who share the creative spark.  They are the ones with enthusiasm for life.

Enthusiasm really means “to be filled with the Spirit”.  Sharing your creative spirit-life in this way will enliven and inspire everyone you meet.  Enthusiasm is contagious.

Affirmation for today:

“I  listen to my creativity in a relaxed, attentive way.”

“Divine inspiration comes to me easily.  I do not force it.  I let it come to me as when a butterfly lands on one’s shoulder when they are at rest.”

A worthwhile book on creativity:

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