Freedom From Self-Deception

Thought for today:

Sometimes as compulsive debtors, we start to believe our own fiction.  This is a polite way of saying we lie to ourselves.

A member shared:

“I was very creative as an active debtor. I could always find ways to misrepresent myself so I could get credit or impress people with purchases.

“I opened one account to take out a cash advance to pay for another. I persuaded friends and family to help us out.  Then, having made so many promises, I would become mentally exhausted and forget about my bills and other obligations.

“In DA. I finally got honest with myself and stopped running from creditors and from myself.  I called each creditor and made honest payment arrangements that I could live with.

“I also stopped trying to impress people by buying things.  I learned to use my creativity for growth and beauty, not for self-deception or the deception of others.  Eventually I became appreciated for that honesty.”


Am I being honest with myself and my needs?

Meditation for today:

When you find yourself worrying about tomorrow, ask yourself what you are afraid of.  What do you losing?  What will happen?  What is threatened? Is it your money, sex, self-esteem, friendships or family?

Then ask yourself, “What could I be doing differently?”  If no specific action comes to mind, pray for your Higher Power’s perfect will to be done.  Whoever or whatever your HP is, surrender the outcome to that Power and you will be released from the tangle of fear that traps minds.

Removing fear of the unknown makes it possible for our minds to return to this moment, where life can be lived.

Affirmation for today:

“I will find the cause of my discomfort today if I have any, and then I will release it to my Higher Power who comforts me.”

“I can breeze through my troubles with my Higher Power at my side.”

“I love this moment.  I focus on what I can change about it, and how I can use it to bring prosperity into my world.”

A Currency of Hope is the basic text of Debtors Anonymous:

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