Freedom From the Compulsion to Debt.

What reasonable person would spend hundreds of dollars on bounced checks, throw away hundreds or thousands away on unsecured interest payments? This debt thing had us licked alright.

No one forced us to go into debt. We did it to ourselves, often mindlessly preoccupied with other things. That insane twist of mind that got us in this deep in debt is beyond our understanding. Yet admitting we are different from “normal” people helps set us free! Go figure!

Our only chance at a sane life was to oppose our depraved thinking and force ourselves to place our needs first. Our physical, emotional and spiritual recovery had to go ahead of our creditors if we were to survive the long haul.

For some of us, it was pure torture to say “no” to our creditors, to risk a bad credit score. A death sentence, we thought. How dark it was before the dawn!

Our compulsion was a symptom of our fears and pride run wild. Am I grateful I found a life preserver in DA!

Meditation for today:

Our self-esteem is strengthened by doing this esteem-able things, not by acquiring things.

Affirmation for today:

“I will live within my means, yet my means will not define me.”

Prayer for today:

With each passing day of solvency, I move closer to my Higher Power’s original purpose for my life. Let the DA message dwell in my heart richly.

Further Reading:

DA Tool Eight encourages us to read AA literature, and a great place to start is with the AA Big Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”.  It explains the Twelve Steps like no other book, is filled with dozens of hopeful stories of recovery.

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