From Unemployed and Misunderstood to Vital and Free

Thought for today:

Those of us who have gone through extended periods of unemployment know the shame and feeling of isolation that can come with that.   Anyone could feel judged, discouraged, and afraid of the future, but those of us with the disease of debting can feel it doubly.

A member shares:

“Unemployed, I decided to go back to graduate school to get my MBA.  I was struggling financially, with extensive student loan debt.

“Even though I had been in DA years before, I went on a radio talk show to get financial advice.  I quickly felt shamed by the radio host (a financial guru) when he held me up to ridicule all MBA students.  He obviously had no idea about compulsive debting.

“My extended family heard the interview and I started to feel very alone around them after that.

“I finally got help by returning to DA.  And I didn’t have to feel ashamed that I had taken a ‘sabbatical’ from the program.

“I found that starting back to work at a coffee shop after having been a software manager was just the thing to start picking up my attitude and making me feel useful again.  Letting go of pride, I found a new abundance in an area I normally wouldn’t consider unless I was desperate for work.  Within a few months I was back consulting again, and then landed my current job where I feel vital.

“Today I don’t expect ‘civilians’ (people who don’t have this disease) to understand my history as a debtor and under-earner.  I look for help where I am able to find it – in DA, and that is freeing.”

Abundance thinking:

Many members having gone through unemployment find the way back to a job involved expanding their options.  Sometimes we need to include things that might be outside our comfort zone.   Humbling ourselves, abandoning fear, and walking in faith always bring better results in such times.


Am I humbling myself to be in a better place?

Meditation for today:

A child asked their parent for a game to play.  The parent, preoccupied with money problems, took a magazine picture of the earth from outer space, and ripped it into small pieces.  “Here, this is a puzzle you can play with,” they told the child.

A short while later, the child came back with the puzzle completed.  This stunned the parent, for the pieces were very tiny, and they asked “How did you do that so fast?”

The child replied, “It was easy.  On the back was a picture of a person.  I just had to put the person back together, and then the world fell into place!”

Putting the world together starts with inner healing.

Affirmation for today:

“I surround myself with positive thinkers who know where I am coming from.”

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