How Can There Be Real Abundance for All, In This World of Woes?

Spring can remind us that there is hope for a good harvest

Thought for today:

A lot of people think there aren’t enough resources for everyone to have a good life. That some have to suffer so that others can thrive.

It is true that some people have tragic injustices heaped on them. They are not at fault. In its ignorance, a fearful world constricts resources, causing short-term loss.  But we should not let this blind us to what good can be done.

A member shares:

“I believe that in this world, we have what we need to make life work. If I am thoughtful, honest, think intelligently, do what is necessary for the good of all, and am kind as best I can be, prosperity will abound. It’s when I disregard the principles embedded in the Twelve Steps that problems arise.”

The main idea:

Love will find a way through all hardship. The power of love in all its forms – self-love, love of those we know, love for our community and for our planet – is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the source of all creative impulse, technological improvement, and prosperity.

It is only when fears hijack love that people get diverted from true abundance, which is always within reach when reasonable people come together in healing truth. When fear overpowers love, then the spirit of lack skews our minds.

But love is never far. It only takes an attitude shift. As we turn to love’s possibility, all good things become possible once again. The longest journey is from fear to love, but it is well that we start today.

Mediation for today:

Throughout the day, find moments to deflect the noise and chatter of angry people. Seek a silent communion with the spirit of the universe. Allow the possibility for loving kindness to return, for it has been there in the recess of our minds and hearts, waiting to be remembered.

When we remember altruism and love, our world improves. Seek to enable peace, reconciliation with fellow humans, however we can. Only then will be part of the solution to the world’s woes.

Affirmation for today:

“I invite peace and harmony to return to all lives. When mocked for dreaming of peace, I will remember that love will find a way, as it usually does.

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