“I Changed My Attitude and Increased My Income”

Thought for today:

Underearning can become a self-fulfilling prophecy where we believe it will never get better.  That attitude is hard to change and often leads to despair.

A member shares:

“My income stagnated for years, even though I had an advanced degree.  It felt like it was against the laws of society and nature for me to make enough money to take care of my family’s needs.

My sponsor helped me see that this was self-pity, and it just wasn’t true. If I wanted to improve my income, I needed to know what the market demands, and focus on what I could offer.

“How do I know what people are looking for?  Sometimes the need is obvious.  For example, an employer will have a written job definition in an advertisement.

“If the market is not obvious, I need to figure out what the customer wants by asking.  Testing the waters, I can make educated guesses and study the results.

“My attitude change has led to more income, and more joy in my work.  I am now in a business sector that is growing, and I have gotten bonuses and raises steadily for years.

“I’m grateful to my sponsor for explaining what was such an elusive concept.  It’s not so much about me and what I want to do (although that is important too).  It’s about listening to what people need in my field of work, adapting to that knowledge, and delivering.  It’s about scaling what I deliver so I can create more of it.”


“Am I listening to my marketplace?”

 Meditation for today:

Each day brings challenges that, when taken one at a time are manageable.  The best solutions aren’t obvious at first, because challenges are usually unfamiliar.  It is then that we must research, test our knowledge and use our intuition to arrive at the answer.

Affirmation for today:

“I will try to do something to understand what I need to change with my work.  This will take effort, but it is worthwhile because it helps me improve my income.”

“I am able to work at solutions to problems today.  I will not stay stuck in problems, but calmly ask for help to get to the solutions.”

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