“How I Dealt With Time Frustration”

Simple Is Beautiful

Thought for today:

When we are angry, we are living in the past.  When we are afraid, we are living in the future.  Frustration hits when we are not living in the present.

We need to creatively find our way back.  This is where Steps Four and Ten can help.

A member shares:

“I had no patience while driving in traffic.  I couldn’t stand when people cut me off on the highway.

“One day in a particular messy traffic jam, I thought I’d take a personal inventory of my traffic anger.  Why was I angry?  Because of fear, I realized.  Why was I afraid?  Because I had committed to being in a particular place at a particular time.  Why did I commit to that place and time when I knew that traffic would be bad?  Because I’m a people pleaser.  It went on like that for a while.

“I thought some more and realized I could change things in my life.  I thought about asking to work from home one day a week, to spend the time I would be commuting on work (and presumably that would take the road rage out of the equation that day).

“My boss liked the idea and we tried it.  It turned out that the days I worked from home I was more productive on the job than ever!  I was able to think and write emails more clearly because the conversations happening all around my cubicle weren’t happening with me there that day.  And I saved the hour of drive time as well!

“On the days I needed to get somewhere, I could be realistic about how long it would take to get there, too.  I’d allow more time for the drive by learning to plan my day better.

Acceptance was the key to being able to deal with my time frustration.  Once I accepted that it took a certain amount of time to get somewhere, I could take action to either not go there, or to leave earlier.  I didn’t feel compelled to rush.  Keeping it that simple really saved my sanity!”

“When I lose it, I lose”:

Anger is a destructive force.  It is helpful only if it serves to correct an injustice, to cast away something that is no longer needed.

But there is no justice in self-centered fear.  When we lock ourselves into resentment and anger, it is because of fear, and this  limits our souls.

Instead of seeing only obstacles, we can find many opportunities to deal constructively with anger if we seek tolerance, opportunity and simplicity.


Am I doing injustice to myself?  What’s really happening?  Am I looking at and making proper use of the energy from my anger? I seeing opportunities instead of obstacles?

Meditation for today:

“Logic will take you from ‘a’ to ‘b’.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” (Albert Einstein)

Consider the big picture – the landscape of life.  What trends  are shaping?   Who are the players in my life?  What do they want?  Where are my blind spots?  Where are my “opportunities for growth“?

The answers to these questions will help us transform obstacles into successes.

Affirmation for today:

“I am imaginative.  I see opportunity in every problem.”

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