“How My Self-defeating Attitude From Childhood Toward Money Changed”

The planet Pluto, filmed in July, 2015 for the first time from 8,000 miles away.  

Photo from The White House.

Thought for today:

Ideas have real power.  They can ‘put a man on the moon’, or propel a spaceship to Pluto, the farthest planet in our solar system.

Some ideas can inspire great things, while others can rob us of opportunity and serenity.

Sometimes we inherit ideas and attitudes from family or friends that are incongruous with prosperity.  Self-defeating attitudes toward money, when learned as a child, are hard to unlearn.

A member shares:

“I obsessed over money throughout my childhood.  We never had enough when I was growing up.  Being poor became a dark cloud over everything we did, and I felt destined to stay poor and be victimized by society.

“Every time I opened a lemonade stand or tried selling candy to make money, my parents or neighbors punished me for taking advantage of people, or looked down on me, or made be feel foolish.  My father told me I wasn’t good enough at anything to get the really ‘good money’, and I believed it.

“I got the idea that money was the ‘root of all evil’, and I took solace in knowing that I was ‘purer’ than others who had money.

“I was always broke as an adult, too, until I found DA.  I knew my use of credit cards and underearning was hurting me.  I didn’t know I was also hurting myself.

“It took in-depth Twelve Step work, including a rigorous personal moral inventory, to shed light on my insane thinking about money

Today I see that any obsession around money is toxic for me, but not the money itself.  Money is a tool, neither good nor bad.  It just is.  I can use it how I see fit, and I can attract it by working with integrity, honesty, and a mind open to opportunity.”


Have my old attitudes about money changed?

Meditation for today:

The universe’s energy surrounds you at any given moment.  You can tap into it now, if you allow it to touch you.

The flow of wealth is not as elusive as would seem.  It is through cheerful service, with self-respect, that  you engage this supernatural energy.

When we see the farthest planets up close, we can imagine how much we can do when we put our minds to a thing!

Affirmation for today:

“I will let wealth come to me today.  I give cheerful service, and I take care of myself and my needs.”

“My heart is free of anxiety, and I can experience life fully.”

Topic for discussion:

What abundance has come into your life today?  Can you trace any of it back to a change in attitude?

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Photo of Pluto, taken July 2015, courtesy of The White House.