March 25, How Solvency Works in DA

Thought for today:

Solvency in DA is different that what the financial world defines it as.  A passage about DA as found on Wikipedia helps clarify:

“Abstinence in DA is abstaining from incurring any new unsecured debt, a strict definition that includes not paying bills when due, borrowing money from a family member or friend without collateralcredit card debt and other unsecured loans. If a member has abstained from incurring unsecured debt for a day, he or she is “solvent” for that day. Solvency, in this sense, is a neologism differing from the common definition of solvency (the degree to which assets exceed liabilities).”*

Solvency in this sense is the primary purpose of our recovery from compulsive debting.  Solvency brings with it sanity, and a keen sense of values.  How priceless it is!

It may, however,  at first feel uncomfortable or boring to “live solvently”.  What do we do for fun?  How do we deal with boredom without overspending?  We may even feel tempted to perpetuate some sort of new drama in our lives.

As if detoxing from a drug, debt leaves us raw.  With solvency, we are choosing freedom.

If we only stop and remembered for a moment where we came from, and how far we have come!  By choosing solvency, we are choosing a brighter future, one day at a time.

Do I realize that my solvency is priceless?

Meditation for today:

Think not about the regrets of not investing in this or that financial instrument, or of not doing one thing over another.  Do not fear that you have missed the boat with your career or your love life.

Each day you continue on your path – however hidden and curving that path may be – brings you closer to the fulfillment of your solvent self.

“You are a new creation.”  Let that creation unfold, and enjoy this moment in it.

Life is not a contest run against one another. We should not compare ourselves to another, but to ourselves. Life is a journey inward, and forward.

Affirmations for today:

I am my own light.

My answers are within me, as I trust in my Higher Power.

Prayer for today:

I pray to accept myself and my place in this world as it is today.  I pray to not compare myself to anyone else, because I always come up short when I do.  I pray that my Higher Power frees me from the bondage of self-centered fears.

Recommended Reading:

* Entry for Debtors Anonymous on Wikipedia. (This link brings you to Wikipedia’s article on Debtors Anonymous.  Wikipedia is not affiliated with PlentyTML or with Debtors Anonymous.)