How To Get Un-stuck In Your Job

CPADJN Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmony

Thought for today:

People are under no moral or legal obligation to be miserable at their jobs. Yet some of us  tend to feel that way – trapped and unappreciated.  When this mindset takes hold, we begin to exaggerate our problems and reduce our options.  It’s at these times that we need to break free and get un-stuck, but how?

Some recent shares about work life:

“I feel trapped in my job.  It barely pays my rent and expenses.”

“When I go to work I feel anxious because I’m overwhelmed with people who need me to do stuff.  I never feel like I can catch my breath.”

“In my job now I am doing things that I never signed on for when I started my career.  I feel morally and ethically challenged at times.  Other times I just feel like management doesn’t know how hurtful their policies are.”

“When I’m not at work, I have a hard time taking care of my personal business and tracking my numbers.  I’m always on the move, trying to multitask, and it sucks.”


When we feel trapped, we need to get perspective.  It’s usually a good time to ask:

“Where is my Higher Power in this?”

Meditation for today:

A Higher Power is our personal connection to the universe.  It is different for each person.  Some feel a Power greater than themselves is the love shared by their group.  Others feel the power of nature.

Even if you have no Higher Power, you can seek a sense of awe in the universe.  This alone can help put things into a healthier perspective.

Turn to your Power (whoever or whatever that is, your choice), and seek to understand your place in the world.  Ask, and then wait for answers.  They will always appear when you seek,

When we are always “doing”, not taking time to just be, we are actually expressing fear that our Higher Power is not up to the task.  Life is simpler when we learn to let go of our expectations, seek answers in meditation, and get enough rest for the journey.

Your highest purpose is solvency, to live freely without unsecured debt, and to avoid unnecessary anxiety.  Express love generously, and periodically take your rest so you can return refreshed.  Allow yourself to relax between accomplishments.

Affirmation for today:

“I am engaged in work when I’m there, and I detach from my work when it is time to go home.”

“I have quality rest.”

“I  make time to take care of myself.”

Follow Through: Read The 4-Hour Work Week

Keep it simple!  Schedule your time to answer emails.  Break down large tasks to smaller ones.  Disregard the irrelevant things you do in your day.  Learn from Tim Ferriss’ book how to get more clarity in what you want your work-life balance to be.

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