April 7, How To Turn Anger Over Frustration Into Gratitude Over Solutions

Thought for today:
A member shares:
“My first time in DA, I was angry all the time.  I would be on the phone with a creditor and start yelling and cursing at them.  My family was terrified of me at those times.  Then I’d feel raw, but that didn’t stop me.
“I left DA after paying off my debts at great personal sacrifice.  Secure in the knowledge of the tools of the program, I went about accumulating secured loans.  On a serial basis every year or so I would refinance with home equity loans.
Then the bank started throw in credit cards with 0% interest for balance transfers and I leapt at that for the home equity loans.  It didn’t take long until I justified to myself using the credit cards on regular purchases.
Within a few years, I had to sell my house, and was still left with seven times the amount of debt I had when I first came to DA.  Ten years after leaving, I came back to DA, but this time the angry fight had left me… I was beat up emotionally, and beat mentally.  I totally surrendered to DA, and haven’t had to debt for almost seven years now.”
When we first coming to DA, anger is a common feeling.  We feel desperate and cry out in anguish over crushing despair and insurmountable debt.
How do we overcome such frustration grief?  After years it’s become a habit, but we can use that energy of anger to out advantage.
Anger is just misplaced fear.  If we dig deep and ask what we are afraid of, it always involves loss of money or sex or something else we feel we deserve but don’t have.
We used passive aggression – or outright aggression to release that energy in the past.  But if we think about the source of it all as fear, we can have self-compassion, be thankful for the insight, and calm the inner frightened kid in us.  In other words, we can use a personal inventory to turn anger into gratitude!
Do I see how my fear masquerading as anger was running my life?  Am I  grateful for this awareness, and for the many other options I have today?
Meditation for today:
It is said that with an attitude of gratitude you can buy God.  A grateful heart puts us in proper position to receive blessing. There is little God won’t give to those who are grateful. Try to humble yourself enough to be open to God.
Affirmation for today:
One step at a time, one cell at a time, I am becoming a newly prosperous creation.  I will let God give me unexpected abundance today.  I will receive ______ today.
Prayer for today:
I pray for a humble heart, so that gratitude becomes a way of life.

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