“I Own My Happiness When I’m On Vacation”

Thought for today:

Debtors tend to either be anorexic with spending, or over-indulging, or both.  These extremes can leave them unsteady and miserable.  Their chances are better if they envision their goals, and develop a clear Spending Plan and Action Plan.

A member shares:

“After years of rejection, I sometimes feel stuck in negative or depressed thinking,” a person was heard sharing, “so I’ve learned to trick myself into positive thinking.

“I’ll work out if I feel down, or go for a walk.  Sometimes if I feel let down by family, I turn it around and consciously try to bring some beauty to a gathering of friends.

“The truth is we debtors are creative, talented people, and there are many ways to share whatever abundance we have. I always feel better about myself when I try to bring some happiness to others.

“When I am about to take a vacation, I imagine where I will be, and try to plan fun things to do.  I don’t just collapse from over-work and expect the world to make me happy.  Today I own my happiness when I’m on vacation.”

Meditation for today:

Some people don’t enjoy taking time off for vacation.  They get anxiety thinking about vacations, and seem to always experience a let-down afterward.

Plan to unplug.  Plan fun times before you go, so you don’t have to think about it too much while you are there – you can just be in the moment.

Affirmation for today:

“I will plan a fun time that I will be able to look forward to.”

“I allow happiness into my life.”

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