Made a Decision

Thought for today:

A lot of people try controlled debting.  They promise themselves that they will only debt using one card, such as a store card, and they will always pay the balance in full each month.  And then they debt again.

Debting is a relentless compulsion.  If we start debting even a little, we will eventually debt like never before.

We need to turn away from debting and replace it with something.  But what?

A member shares:

“If I don’t find help, I’m going to debt again.  There is nothing that’s going to stop me.  I’m like a little kid with no discipline.

“I need to do things differently.  I need some power to get my life back!

“I learned in meetings that I need to surrender to this program.  I need to stop fighting the disease, and just show up at DA meetings.  I need to sit and listen to the wisdom I hear. I hope my attitude and outlook on life change.  I trust the ‘Power’ I see in my program friends will help me.

“When I work the Steps and the Tools every day, I find peace.  DA is a ‘power greater than myself’, and I ask it to help me.”

DA Step 3:

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Surrendering to a Higher Power:

In DA, we have begun to find a Power greater than ourselves, and we can begin to focus on it as a source of inspiration.  From this beginning we can grow as we meditate on inspirational philosophies.  For many of us, our senses become stronger and we appreciate music and art as never before.  We can walk in nature and feel a force for goodness within and around us.

We begin to see that the spirit of love was in us all along.  Now we can start a new awareness of this gift by working the Tools and adjusting our Spending Plan.

We find a deeper relationship with ourselves, and we begin to find new awareness about how we fit in with the universe.  We seek new ways to include our Higher Power in all parts of our lives, as part of our Action Plan.  By surrendering to the program of DA, we find inner prosperity.


Have I asked my Higher Power for help today?

Meditation for today:

When we keep an open mind, and surrender our thoughts and our actions to our Higher Power, we find financial, emotional and intellectual inspiration.  We find a real abundance in these three areas.

The Twelve Tools of DA help us recover our finances.  The Twelve Steps of DA help us recover our emotions and our intellect – our sanity.  When we seek to grow along spiritual lines  in DA, we find new abundance.

Affirmation for today:

“I will ask a Power greater than myself for guidance.”

Recommended reading: 

DA’s Eighth Tool is D.A. and A.A. Literature: “We study the literature of Debtors Anonymous and of Alcoholics Anonymous to strengthen our understanding of compulsive disease and of recovery from compulsive debting.”

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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