How to Relieve Money Pressures

Thought for today:

The disease of underearning and debting can involve co-dependency.  Trapped and helpless, weeks can turn into months and then years with no improvement.

A member shares:

“My boyfriend takes all my money.  He’s an addict.  I can’t afford to leave, so I feel stuck.  I keep wishing for someone to wake me up out of this nightmare.

“I talk with my sponsor all the time.  I look for ways I can take care of myself., like hiding my cash  in a safe place he can’t find.

“In my Pressure Relief Meeting (PRM), I started crying.  When I listen to myself I can’t believe it’s me who’s talking.  I’m grateful for the ideas my Pressure Relief Group (PRG) shares with me.”

Pressure relief:

Monthly Pressure Relief Meetings with two members of DA help bring  perspective to tough situations.  Ideas emerge as we review things from all angles, and we develop plans for spending, savings, and prudent reserve.  Our Action Plan becomes more focused on ourselves with each PRG meeting.  Isolation eventually gives way to fellowship, and life doesn’t seem so dark.


Do I call regular monthly PRG meetings for myself, so I can receive all the benefits of solvency?

Meditation for today:

Not everyone is ready for the changes that you feel they need and deserve.  Emotionally detaching from outcomes helps you invite the Higher Power into all relationships.  There is always hope, but the hope rests with the Higher power primarily, not with you.  You can take on only so many commitments before you realize this for yourself.  The Higher Power is in charge.

Affirmation for today:

“Let it begin with me.  I want the hand of DA there for the debtor who still suffers.”

“I accept each individual’s path with loving tolerance and compassion.”

How to Recover in Debtors Anonymous (Whether You’re in that Program or Not): A Primer

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