Processing the Results of My First Pressure Relief Meeting

Thought for today:

After our Pressure Relief Meeting is over, and we have a new Spending Plan and an Action Plan for dealing with our debts and our life,  we will be on course to grow in solvency.  Our Pressure Relief Group has given us honest feedback about our current situation and we are now becoming willing to apply the changes we have learned, understanding it will take effort – but effort is something we aren’t afraid of!

A member shares:

“After my first Pressure Relief Meeting, I listed things I could do to increase my income and decrease my debts.  I also learned that I was not spending enough on clothing and personal care, and I was spending too much on other things like restaurants.  DA was beginning to help me find balance.”

Processing the results of our Pressure Relief Meeting:

Whether we have been habitually anorexic in our spending, or over spenders, “right-sizing” our spending categories takes effort, because it  triggers fear and anger in us.  The little kid inside us is threatened – but our inner adult will grow stronger with every well-thought out action.

We want to stop avoiding difficulties,  so we choose to contact a creditor (another fear-producer) in a proactive action that propels our program forward.  We bookend on the phone with our sponsor or pressure group.  We can them tell our inner child “See?  It wasn’t so bad!”


Have I overcome any resistance to developing a spending plan and an action plan that puts my needs first?

Meditation for today:

We can always be willing to grow along spiritual lines by surrendering to a Higher Power of our understanding.  This spirit is a creative force, illuminating our decisions and actions.

In moments of difficult change, we can move as slowly as necessary, to learn new wisdom.  We will find each step taken in faith leads to a series of next steps.

Affirmation for today:

“I enjoy my journey recovering from debting.”

“My vision of the future is bright with my fellowship.”

“I am taking reasonable actions to change my spending, allowing me to grow along spiritual lines.”

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