Sales, And When to Avoid Them

Thought for today:

A person meanders through stores for hours on end.  Maybe it’s one store.  They feel compelled to buy many things they didn’t plan on.  Maybe they spend nothing, and go without food just to “window shop”.

They may not even have something specific they plan to buy.  They may not even enjoy the process.

Compulsive shopping is an exhausting addiction.  Aside from financial havoc, it interferes with productive and enjoyable activities.  “I shop, therefore, I am,” seems to be the mantra,

A member shares:

“I am a recovering compulsive shopper.  Certain stores are trigger locations, and I avoid them as much as possible.  If I have something specific to buy there, I will book-end with my sponsor about it before and after.”

Heading off Shop-aholism

For the compulsive shopper, mindful shopping helps deal with the feelings of lack and anxious spending.  Advertised sales can trigger hours of anticipation, even before we enter the store.

Some members of DA prefer not to go to “sale events” in stores.  They choose not to read circulars unless they have something they are shopping for specifically in their Spending Plans.


Am I sticking to a Spending Plan?

Meditation for today:

A moody person gets stuck in one feeling longer than seems healthy.

It isn’t easy to let go of a feeling or mood that we have held on to.  What happens when we do?

Sometimes we need to let go of who we are, in order to become the person we want to be.

Affirmation for today:

“Just for this day… I will recognize that there is enough money, enough time, and enough love.”*

*From “Just for This Day“,  DA literature P-129.

Recommended reading: 

A Currency of Hope

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