Step Six


Thought for today:

Having gone through the first five Steps, Step Six makes it simple: If we want to recover from debt addiction, and have healing from the defects discovered in Step Five, we need to become willing to switch from our way of doing things to our Higher Power’s way.  With guidance from our Sponsors, and honest introspection, we can accept the change we need.

DA Step 6  

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

A member shares:

“I had a lot of reservations about taking this Step.  It seemed like they were asking for perfection.  How could I possible seek that?

“I read about the Step, and found that there are layers of character defects.  I could start with the worst offenders, becoming ready to have them removed.

“For other shortcomings, I could try another tactic.  If I wasn’t ready just yet, I could keep an open mind that I could be willing at some time in the future – my Higher Power’s time.

“My sponsor and the book ‘Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions‘ made it clear, Step Six wasn’t something to do once and for all.  It was something I needed to repeatedly work at, if I wanted to heal.”

Progress, not perfection:

We need to try our best to work Step Six.  The ideals expressed in it are of the highest order, requiring self-honesty, sharing, and sponsorship.  We can’t do this in a vacuum.

With the fellowship of other compulsive debtors we are safe to discuss our defects of character.  With help, we learn to stop bluffing ourselves and minimizing our defects.  Self-righteousness gives way to self-honesty.  Limited goals can evolve into open-minded freedom.  Our will can become our Higher Power’s will.

None of this happens overnight, but with self-reflection, we will find self-understanding in layers.  If we are willing to peel each layer back, it will be worth it.


Am I ready to have my Higher Power remove my defects of character?

Meditation for today:

In the midst of a busy day, we can find a peaceful moment to consider our Higher Power’s will for our lives.  We can start with what we know needs to change in us, and build from there.

Affirmation for today:

“I have nothing to fear from looking at myself.”

Recommended reading: 

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

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