February 2, Step Ten: Working Our “Daily Reprieve”

Step Ten, “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it” helps keep us honest. In the steps before we honestly worked through our history in a process of “Awareness, Acceptance, Action”:

– Awareness of our feelings; of our motives; of God’s will. (4 & 5)

– Acceptance of who we are right now; of God’s will for our lives. (6 & 7)

– Action to make amends, to ourselves, and to others. (8 & 9)

The lessons of steps four through nine live on in Step Ten. We are not perfect. We simply make progress, one day at a time, towards God’s will for us. There is no other way to get better.

Have I been “painstakingly honest” in rooting out my self-centered fears? Am I just as thorough when I look at today?

Meditation for Today:

Nothing keeps us from the love of God except ourselves. The problems that clog our lives start within us. The solution is to turn our thoughts to God’s, our actions to God’s. “God’s will, not mine, be done.”

Affirmation for Today:

Today I will listen to my gut. When it tells on me, I will let go, and I will find “love and understanding beyond my wildest dreams”. When I am doing right things, I will “intuitively know it,” and be grateful for DA.

Prayer for Today:

Even in the busiest times of life, you, my Lord, have given me intuition for my own good. Help me to honor your inner voice in me by practicing step ten each day, continuing to take personal inventory.

Further Reading:

The book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is the definitive guide to all the Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.  It brings an in-depth understanding of why and how the program of recovery evolved, and how it works to this day, over sixty years after it was first published.

DA adapted the short form of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions almost word for word (with AA’s permission) and to this day DA recommends we read AA literature, (including the “Twelve and Twelve“) as a way for us to understand the disease concept.

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