4 Proven Ways To Stay Solvent

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: Prosperity doesn’t come from credit cards.  It comes when we increase our earning power, and by the decisions we make that matter most.  We need to make decisions that change our attitude about money, credit, and living within our means… A personal share: “I started to feel abundant way before I experienced […]

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How Our Abundant Universe Gives Us Our Visions

Plenty of time, money and love

Thought for today: Many people think their dreams and hopes are impractical, or not worthy of their mental time.  Throughout the day, all kinds of thoughts, some audacious, come and go quickly without much action or notice, because by habit we tend to dismiss anything that is unusual for us.  But what if we toyed with these […]

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A Solid Way to Abundance

We express gratitude when we appreciate the beauty around us.

Thought for today: Abundance comes when we take stock of our lives, make tough changes, and plot a new course.  But it takes time to clear the wreckage of our past spending habits. To start the process of getting better, we first need to turn the corner in our own attitudes, by letting go of the […]

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Overcoming Envy and Greed

Thought for today: Greed and envy work against our recovery.  They tell us that we don’t have enough – that life is a “zero-sum game” in which we must claw our way to the top, taking what we can. This limited thinking leads to compulsive debting,  gossip, stealing, manipulation and many other defects of character.  It proves that we […]

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Thought for today: We all want abundance, right?  A chance to get ahead in life, have security, happiness. The problem comes to some of us who choose to use credit as a shortcut to abundance. For whatever reasons, the problem is the same: Compulsive debtors are powerless over the intoxicating effects of unsecured debt. No leverage is ever bought with […]

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“Envious Me”

Thought for today: At times we all feel envious.  Most people get beyond the feeling and move on with their lives.  There are some challenges for the compulsive debtor to do that. It’s especially hard for under earners to get beyond envy.  Whenever they meet someone with a happy life, more material possessions, compliant and bright kids, and so on, the temptation is to […]

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4 Great Tips To Stop Time Debting

Kanban board

Thought for today: Our philosophy here on this blog is that there is plenty of time, money and love in the universe, that it is up to us to use the abundance we have been given. Two things will endlessly eat up time, money and love: Spending time on things that aren’t important, and spending time […]

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March 15, How Abundance Works

Thought for today: When we first join DA we may hear a lot about abundance and wonder why.  But for many of us, it’s a foreign concept. The universe has an abundant supply of everything we need to succeed and be happy, and as long as our focus is on spiritual things, material and emotional […]

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