Truth and Solvency


Thought for today: It’s been said that “you’re as sick as your secrets”.   Secrets have a way of taking energy from us, while the truth generally allows us to grow in energy. When secrets are many, we risk tripping over them, like clutter in a room.  We dare not talk about our problems in public.  We hide […]

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The Paradox of Strength From Humility, In Step 7

Letting Go

Thought for today: Humility is the answer to many of life’s problems, but we rarely see that when we are in the midst of troubling times. When we finally pocket our pride we can find new answers to old scenarios. DA Step 7 7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. A member shares: “I had a lot of […]

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Step Seven: Humility and Asking

Simple is beautiful

Thought for today: Material satisfaction is not the purpose of living, but many of us deceived ourselves into thinking that way.  Coming from deprivation, we confused the ends with the means, and thought that wealth and power were ends in themselves. The truth is, wealth and power are only valuable inasmuch as we put them to good use. A member […]

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How to Deal With Our Feelings From Step 5

The path

Thought for today: Step 5 talks about a mysterious barrier between us and the people we meet.  We debtors delude those around us almost as much as we delude ourselves. DA Step 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. When we finally took an inventory of ourselves, […]

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The Ultimate Goal of Step 4

The Highway

Thought for today: We all seek prestige at times.  Everyone needs to be appreciated. For compulsive debtors, the natural instincts run wild.  “Instincts on rampage ball at investigation,” as Bill W. wrote in Step 4.  We need to investigate these instincts, and put them back in perspective.  Otherwise, we will likely debt again. DA Step […]

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We Humbly Asked Our Higher Power to Remove Our Shortcomings


Thought for today: How humiliating it can feel to be an active compulsive debtor, suffering ejection from family, creditors, and even jobs who conduct background checks!  The only ones who want to talk with us (it seems) are the debt collectors who keep calling. Step Seven asks us to actively seek humility, as something of value.  No longer […]

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From Unemployed and Misunderstood to Vital and Free

Thought for today: Those of us who have gone through extended periods of unemployment know the shame and feeling of isolation that can come with that.   Anyone could feel judged, discouraged, and afraid of the future, but those of us with the disease of debting can feel it doubly. A member shares: “Unemployed, I decided to go […]

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Why Worrying Too Much About the Competition Is Counterproductive (BDA Tool 9)

Thought for today: Market forces can breed competition.  Fair competition is healthy.  It usually means that the prize we seek is worthwhile, that others appreciate the same goal, and that we are on the right track.  Without competition, innovation would stagnate. A business owner once shared at a meeting: “I worried all the time about the competition.  What […]

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“Just When I Think I Have All The Answers, They Change The Questions!”

Thought for today: Humility is something to b e sought after, if we are ever going to get over compulsive spending, debting, and underearning. A member shares: “Divorced when I came into DA, I had to pay half my income in alimony and child support.  But the toughest part of the divorce was that my […]

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Why Is Pride A “Defect of Character”?

Thought for today: When a person first attends a DA meeting, they may hear the concept in studying the Twelve Steps that Pride is a defect of character.  How can Pride be a that? A newcomer asks: “How can Pride be bad?  Isn’t it a good thing – pride of country, being proud of my accomplishments, being proud of […]

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