March 28, The Secret to Finding a Faith That Works

Thought for today:

“When I came to DA I didn’t believe in anything, least of all myself.  I was depressed and anxious about money all the time.

The fellowship felt comfortable, and I soon felt I was among friends.  They encouraged the program of recovery, and I began to work the Twelve Tools and Twelve Steps of DA.

“Using the Tools was hard  because it required mental discipline I hadn’t practiced before.  But I did it, with the help of my Pressure Relief Group.  Taking the Steps was hard because I saw the word God and didn’t know what that was.

“My sponsor said to choose whatever made sense to me for a Higher Power.  Start off small.  So I started by making my DA group my Higher Power, and I kept an open mind that there may be more to it than that.

“Today, ‘HP and me’ have evolved, and we are like a hand in a glove.  All I do is show up for my recovery, trust, keep an open mind, stay willing to learn knew things, work and grow along spiritual lines.  I intuitively know that ‘HP’ sets the whole thing up if I cooperate and let it happen.”

There are tangible benefits from choosing faith in a Higher Power.  Fear subsides, and the compulsion to debt gets removed.  Worries are reduced, as is blood pressure.

If we have an open attitude, our dis-ease is arrested, and we have a chance at a quality life. The results of faith are proof enough that believing in a ‘power greater than ourselves’ works.

Like a flower seeking the sun, all we have to do is start moving with the smallest change in our attitude – from facing away, to facing toward the light.

Am I allowing faith to work in my life?

Meditation for today:

It is a paradox that we benefit when we search for God. We don’t have to know a lot about Go.  We  just need to be open minded to finding peace and happiness.

Find a Higher Power that centers you in loving gratitude and an attitude of thanksgiving.  In your fears, humbly ask for guidance, and keep doing the next right thing until an answer is revealed. As we go along this journey of discovery we find we are carried by faith more than we ever thought possible.

Affirmation for today:

I will surrender my worries to God today, and I will allow God’s healing to begin anew in my life.

Prayer for today:

I pray that I accept the lessons my Higher Power teaches in my quiet meditations. I pray that I do not take myself too seriously.

Extra Credit Reading:

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