Truth and Solvency


Thought for today:

It’s been said that “you’re as sick as your secrets”.   Secrets have a way of taking energy from us, while the truth generally allows us to grow in energy.

When secrets are many, we risk tripping over them, like clutter in a room.  We dare not talk about our problems in public.  We hide our true financial situation from immediate family members – people who have a right to know the truth.

We need to find a way to unload the baggage of secrecy in order to get clear and get solvent.  We need to take Step Five.

Step 5:

“Admitted to God, ourselves and another human being thee act nature of our wrongs”. They say taking this step is the beginning of the end of isolation.

A personal share:

“I had a good friendship with my sponsor before I took Step Five, so I was able to freely talk about defects of character knowing I wouldn’t be judged.

“It turns out that I wasn’t so unique as I had imagined.  My sponsor shared with me and made me feel at home.

“After I shared this Step with my sponsor, we made a point of including my Higher Power in this newfound self-honesty.  We said an affirmation.

“It took humility to admit the exact nature of my wrongs, and DA taught me that I was forgivable and lovable.


Do I realize I am not alone any more, and that I am lovable?

Meditation for today:

The more we isolate, the more  we are giving in to the disease of compulsive debting.
Reaching out to someone in recovery who understands is the very thing that our disease doesn’t want us to do.  It wants to keep us afraid, cowering in a dark corner, despairing.  But when we honestly share our experience, strength and hope with another, we find an end to isolation and we become like a blossom turning to the light.  We never have to turn back to the old way. The new way is so much better.

Affirmation for today:

“When I see myself in the eyes of a sharing member in a DA meeting, I realize that I am home.

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