Ways to Change Course With Debtors Anonymous

Thought for today:

Nobody handles life perfectly. Like a sailboat navigating the water, we all need to check and correct our course occasionally, relying on whatever guidance we have at hand.  Our guidance comes in the form of the faith, wisdom and experience of DA that helps guide our course of solvency and serenity.

First, we don’t use unsecured credit at all, no matter what, one day at a time, even if they give us an “unbelievably great deal”.  We get a sponsor to lead us through The Steps and to share ideas with.  We read DA literature to learn other members’ experiences and get new ideas.  We bookend on the telephone with DA members when we are in the midst if difficult decisions such as when dealing with creditors and their lawyers.  We join a DA group for the wealth of experience and camaraderie.  We track our spending and income, for that is where the truth is. We develop a repayment plan that puts our needs first, and still addresses our debts.  We use all the Twelve Steps, Twelve Tools and slogans of DA.

In these ways and more we get clarity about the direction we are heading, and can find out when we have veered off course or not.  We make adjustments accordingly and go ahead.  It’s  simple when we to use the “Higher Powered” plan for solvency laid out before us in DA.

Have I learned something new in DA lately?  Do I spot-check myself sometimes to make sure I am still “on course”?

Meditation for today:

A life of simple faith helps you get through tough times.  You can rely on faith to give you clarity, especially when you are desperately in need of answers.  Humbly give your request and then be still and listen.  Your intuition will develop in new, amazing ways.

Affirmation for today:

“I make good decisions to manage my money.”

“I can admit when I need help, and I have the wisdom to give help when I need it.”

Get “A Currency of Hope“, the basic text of Debtors Anonymous.

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