What is Work?

Thought for today:

Today our jobs need more of us to gather, process and act on information than ever before.  Mundane work is quickly being replaced by intellectually demanding work.   We get paid to think more.

Our minds build hierarchies of understanding that machines can’t build yet.  That’s what makes our thinking valuable in our jobs.

But computers are catching up.  One day not too far from today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reason better than us, and work will have to change again.

A member shares:

“Years ago I worked for software consulting companies that never seemed to take off.  They were “mom and pop” outfits that struggled to grow.  Usually they didn’t, and I wound up moving a lot.  I used to feel like a victim to my boss’s whims.

“After an extended unemployment I began to educate myself about business trends.  I eventually changed industries  from what I did years ago.  Now I work in the Cloud Services industry.

“It’s wasn’t easy to re-invent myself, but I feel like I’m in a new career.  I spend a lot more time thinking about how I fit into my company and my customer base.

“Everything is changing faster as each year goes by.  I have to face new obstacles every month in my job.  I have frustrating technical hurdles sometimes, and erratic hours.  But I’m one of the people automating things, so I feel like I’m leading the future.

“It’s fascinating and scary, but I have more ideas that I bring to fruition today than I ever did before.  I feel vital.  Work is plentiful.”

How we change:

As underearners, it is especially important for us to understand market forces.  We don’t avoid change, we expect it.  We make choices that prepare us for the future.

Working our DA program, we continue to do our numbers, Vision Maps, Pressure Relief Meetings.  We don’t hide and merely hope to last until retirement without changing.  We embrace change, and our minds and souls develop.

Mediations for today:

Change is inevitable, and is often for the best.  For example, many people eat meals today that are like meals reserved for kings 100 years ago.

With the speed of change comes innovations that improve life, so don’t overreact to issues. Take them in stride.

Work requires maturity.  Don’t get too impatient with the pace of change.  Change happens faster each month.  Keep perspective, and watch for how change unfolds.  It is fascinating to watch.

Affirmations for today:

“I will do one task at a time, one day at a time.  This will help me grow beyond my wildest dreams.”

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