Why Is D.A. Anonymous?

Thought for today:

Anonymity protects the fellowship.  We can feel safe knowing that what we say in a meeting stays at the meeting.  Debtors Anonymous‘ Tradition Twelve reinforces this idea by stating, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.”

A member shares:

“My financial and spiritual recovery in Debtors Anonymous has been a sometimes painfully slow process.  I wanted to get beyond my debts quickly and get to the abundance they kept talking about.

“I was a tough customer in DA, and I took a lot of time to take The Steps, and to find a spiritual awakening that worked for me.

“If I wasn’t able to stay anonymous, I doubt that I would have stayed.  I needed that feeling of safety, knowing I could leave the rest of my life at the door, and not worry about being ‘found out’.

“Today I urge others to take part in the fellowship.  I do this by sharing my experience, strength and hope. DA anonymity makes it possible to share my recovery anonymously, placing principles before personalities.”


Am I willing to share my story with people in DA?

Meditation for today:

A sick person who is convalescing and is later released from hospital must follow simple instructions, or they will find themselves in hospital again.  In the same way, freedom requires responsibility.

Affirmation for today:

“There is plenty, and I share from my abundance.”

“I enjoy sharing my experience, strength and hope.”

Get A Currency of Hope, the basic text of Debtors Anonymous:

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