Why Say No To That “10% Off” Employee Credit Card Purchase?

Thought for today:

A true compulsive debtor is powerless over the first credit card charge.   There is never enough credit to satisfy the appetite.

A member shares:

“I work for a department store chain that offers an employee discount if we use the store’s credit card.  I always purchased on the card but then accumulated interest and late penalties that washed away any savings.

“I began to realize my company was benefiting financially from keeping me in debt, and I felt victimized that I had this disease of compulsive debting.

“Companies have teams of professional marketers and financiers planning how to manipulate debtors like me.  It dawned on me that if I didn’t make that first charge, I wouldn’t be any deeper in debt.

“I gradually paid off the card balance with the help of DA.  Today I pay cash.”

Reasons for not charging:

Thinking through the credit card though experiment, we can see that the bank always wins when a compulsive debtor is using credit.  Overdraft fees and high interest rates are the inevitable result of such a transaction.

There is no worthwhile reason for taking on unsecured debt, but there are many rewards for not taking it on.  We have less debt and less guilt.  We have more cash and more freedom.  It costs less to pay cash, because we aren’t incurring any late fees.  The idea is to not debt, one day at a time.  And it’s always today.


Do I realize that I am powerless over unsecured debt?  Do I see how admitting powerlessness can make my life more powerful?

Meditation for today:

We can consciously focus our thoughts on any healthy thought.  If a thought compels you to act against your better judgement, ask your Higher Power to grant you the serenity to accept that thought, courage to change your actions around that thought, and the wisdom to know that your thoughts don’t always have to run your life.

Turn your thoughts and actions over to a Higher Power’s care as you move throughout your day, and you will have peace.

Affirmation for today:

I will turn my thoughts and my actions over to the care of my Higher Power today.  Let HP deal with the cobwebs.

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