Four Ideas to Help You Prepare For the New Year.

“As a year comes to an end, it always helps me to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m heading,” says one long time member. “I learn from my past, and re-reinvigorate my visions and resolutions for the new year.”

“First, I usually try to get an understanding of where I stand in life, by writing an inventory of what I did well during the year, and what didn’t go so well. I then ask myself, ‘What trajectory am I? If nothing changes where will I be in five or twenty five years? Is it time for a course correction?’

“Second, de-cluttering helps create new space that can in turn foster new attitudes, especially if I develop a meditative space in place of the clutter. I donate from my abundance to those in need, like they do on Boxing Day in England and Wren day in Ireland. If I can get a receipt it often helps at tax time as a deduction too. Otherwise I toss what is truly of no real value, and I sell other stuff on EBay or elsewhere if it is worth something.

“Third, I try setting resolutions for the recurring habits in the new year ahead, principles like ‘No new monthly spending without other equivalent reductions in spending’ or ‘cardio excessive for a half hour five times a week.’

“Fourth, I also set visions of one time items like purchasing a new phone or computer, and I set up a spending plan for it. In the past I’ve set a deadline for taking a certification exam at work, and I’ve ridden in bike marathons as a vision.”

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on what we would prefer to come next if we have our way. It makes for a much more pleasant journey if I know where I want to go. In this sense, the journey is the destination.

Do I “know where I’m going to?”

Meditation for today:
It is said that most of the time a plane is in the air it is veering slightly off course. The answer is simply to constantly “course correct” – to regularly steer back on to the course. Life can be thought of as lived in the many course-corrective decisions a person makes each day.

Affirmation for today:
I will take a 10,000 foot view of my life today, and learn something new about myself along the way.

Prayer for today:
I pray for peace to reflect on where i have been, and where I am heading, and the wisdom to know what to do next.