4 Ways “Acceptance” Helps You Solve Problems


Thought for today:

Here is a quote from one of the many stories in the AA Big Book: “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems”.   Does that sound unbelievable?

Think about it:

  • When we accept a creditor’s need for regular on-time payments, we wind up communicating more effectively with them.  We feel better about it, especially when we accept what we can pay and stick to it.
  • When we learn to accept our children, spouses, siblings, parents, employers, co-workers, and friends as they are, as people who are progressing on their own time tables, we free both them and ourselves from needless anxiety.
  • When we accept responsibility for our part in the relationship we are better off.
  • When we accept a loved one’s journey to find recovery we no longer feel so victimized by their unacceptable actions or attitudes of others.  We can accept that we have options, that we could leave or stay, and that we can change our responses.

A personal share:

When I am running away from myself, I need to accept that I am not superhuman, and that I need rest. When I am thinking no one understands, I need to remember my friends who know the Twelve Steps can understand when few others can.

“I can end my isolation at any time. I just need to accept the love that is available always, all around me.”

The takeaway:

We can lower our unreasonable expectations for other people, and instead accept that they have their own road to follow.  We can set limits on our exposure to  negative behavior.  We can then expand our own horizon in a process of “self-actualization”.  We can start seeking help when we need it, and begin to process feelings by using a Twelve Step support network.

With acceptance, our perspective always improves, even under the most stressful deadlines at work or elsewhere.


Am I willing to accept reality today and deal with it, or am I still stubbornly fighting immovable objects?

Meditation for today:

There are many paths to the mountaintop, and we may not fully realize what struggles another person is going through. But we are able to make changes in ourselves. In difficult relationships we can start by seeking our Higher Power’s will for everyone involved. In this way we can recreate our lives from the inside out, and improve the situation for everyone.

Affirmation for today:

Today I will accept myself and everyone else as beloved children of God. I will find new options for my life and how I relate to others.

For Further Reading Check Out Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition:

DA Tool Eight encourages us to read AA literature, and a great place to start is with the AA Big Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”.  It explains the Twelve Steps like no other book, with dozens of hopeful stories of recovery and freedom.  If you try to identify with the feelings of the story tellers, and you will soon discover incredible insights into your own recovery.

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