Maybe the Answer Is “No”

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Thought for today:

It’s been said that “the truth is in the numbers”, because numbers have a way of being definitive; who can argue with “2 + 2 = 4”?

But what should we do if our spending plan numbers don’t add up?  What if our paycheck isn’t covering the basics?  What if the cash in our wallet isn’t enough for our dreams?

A personal share:

“When I started tracking my numbers and working on my financial recovery, my spending plan would always come up short.  My bills always exceeded income, so I never felt like I had enough.  Consequently, I craved more ‘stuff’ to fill that void.

“One day, after quiet meditation I became aware that the universe didn’t care much about my vacation.  It cared about me.  It wanted me to appreciate what I had, and find gratitude and love first.  In spite of my demands, the answer was coming back ‘not now’, and ‘first things first’.   My mission from then on became to let go of my demands.

“My priorities were backwards.  I was looking to buy quick fun, instead of having an envelope to save money for a vacation.  I was railroading my family into my ‘ideal trip’, when they had their own ideas.  I wasn’t really listening;  I was dictating.

“Today I understand that my compulsion to debt was also fed by a media that benefited from my debting, and some businesses that encouraged it.  So now I disregard the resort hotel and fast car commercials.  I have a beautiful vacation home I go to that came to me when I was ready to appreciate it.

“There is no point in going into debt on a vacation. I just have to listen to what the numbers were telling me.  They were telling me to first accept who and where I was.

“Today, I try to accept the truth the numbers show me about me, and when I do that, I always seem to find joy and abundance around the corner.”

Acceptance of a financial reality can lead to productive actions where we can channel our willpower to good purpose.


“Am I fighting the truth the numbers are telling me?”

Meditation for today:

Experienced salespeople don’t mind when someone says “no”, because each “no” brings them closer to the next “yes”.

Affirmation for today:

“I am blessed.”


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