Spiritual Awakenings

Affirmations reach upward

Thought for today:

 We have found the formula for spiritual awakening. It works beyond anything we have ever imagined for getting ourselves solvent, peaceful, happy lives.   When we work at this simple process, we are sure to find what we seek.

The formula is the Twelve Steps.  With them, we step out of the false life we have lived, and become a new creation.

A member shares:

“My sponsor made a point of teaching me  each of the Twelve Steps in detail.  With a lot of help, I learned how to change my thoughts and actions toward meaningful existence.

“It wasn’t easy.  I fought it at first.  I wanted to live mindlessly.  My sponsor had none of that.  ‘I don’t do lazy’ was the line I got.  I listened and learned.

“Taking me through the Steps, my sponsor help me learn to face my fear, let go of my pride, drop my expectation of perfection in myself and others, admit where I needed to change, and take action to change.

“The only way for me to be happy is to treat myself and others with kindness, facing the truth, and letting go of false expectations.”

Here is the reason to the Steps:

Step 12 says it: “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of the steps…”. The reason we take the Steps is to have a Spiritual Awakening.  That is the reason for the Steps.

In our dis-ease, we fought the truth.  We needed to heal.

When healing from pride, resentment, frustration, fear, anxiety, we get better spiritually first.  Other healing follows – mental, emotional, financial.  But first, we always need to get on the right spiritual trajectory in life.  The Steps were made for that.


“Am I spiritually awake ?”

Meditation for today:

When a  person getting up in the morning they don’t often jump out of bed instantly and become automatically alert.  It would be odd if they did.

Usually we gradually the come into consciousness. We stretch, yawn, and take careful first steps into the daylight.

When life instructs us, (as it always does), and we stop resisting, we can find a similar new awakening, and we tentatively try the new path into daylight.

Affirmation for today:

“As I let go of my fear, I  awaken to the possible.”


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