The Secret Behind Economies of Scale

In business there is a lot of talk about the ability to grow a business by repeating successes over time In ever increasing numbers and efficiencies – I.e., “economies of scale”.

But consider how the secret of scale begins with one idea: the individual.

It’s obvious that people are the ones who buy goods and services, right? Without people, opportunity is non-existent.

People make recommendations to other people. People read an article and share it with others, and a message is spread and grows over time. Scale is simply the way a healthy business grows; it is a pathway to abundance.

But sometimes scale doesn’t seem possible. A solution seems to be ok for a particular geography, but we don’t have the resources to transpose it to another geography; or technical issues seem to stand in our way; or there doesn’t seem to be enough time or money or buy-in from others to get the snowball rolling and growing.

At times like these it’s best to remember the individuals that are part of our success – our customers, our coworkers, our network: individuals who we help and can help us. It’s then that we realize how synergy of individuals of different needs and backgrounds make something miraculous.

Most successful businesses provide a competitive solution to a painful situation.

Have I been speaking with one voice to my network, my customers and colleagues? Am I open to the ways we can help each other solve problems?

Meditation for today:
We need to be careful not to look at groups of people together as a monolith – “the masses”. Each individual counts uniquely, and cultivating relationships will resonate to others.

Affirmation for today:
Today I will try to help someone else solve a painful situation, and thereby help improve the world.

Prayer for today:
I pray for the patience to discover new opportunities to scale my business and my network.