Singleness of Purpose and Tradition 10

Thought for today: The fellowship of DA avoids distractions from its primary purpose of helping the suffering debtor get and stay solvent.  Our common welfare comes first because our very solvency depends on working together. For example, we avoid political arguments and religious practices because they could divide us and our common welfare comes first.  Financial contributions are […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Thought for today: An attitude of gratitude can inspire us when life’s challenges hit hardest.  Gratitude helps when all else fails. Getting grateful takes time.  First we stop debting.  Then we start acting in our own best interest. We track our numbers using an income and spending template.  We learn how to manage our money in a Pressure […]

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Getting a 10,000 Foot View of How We Fit In With The World


Thought for today: Taking a fearless moral inventory is essential to getting solvent.   It takes courage, but by the time we’re through processing it, we get a  “10,000 foot view” of how we fit in to the rest of the world. A member shares: “The members of my group told me that if I wanted to get past my […]

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How to Stay in “Fit Spiritual Condition” and T.H.I.N.K.

Thought for today: Relationships are not like a cracked phone screen that we can bring to a kiosk in the mall to get fixed.  It takes time to process the feelings we have about the people in our lives. When life brings about extreme feelings and we want to retaliate, DA Step Ten helps.  We can check […]

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“How I Dealt With Time Frustration”

Simple Is Beautiful

Thought for today: When we are angry, we are living in the past.  When we are afraid, we are living in the future.  Frustration hits when we are not living in the present. We need to creatively find our way back.  This is where Steps Four and Ten can help. A member shares: “I had no […]

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Taking Time To Process Life Using the Traditions of DA


Thought for today: Life is often chaotic.  We can suddenly discover that the people around us have changed and seem distant. The trajectory of life isn’t neat.  Sometimes it’s not time for the thing we want to happen.  Chaos happens instead.  Sometimes we need to change plans and manage the chaos around us. If we are willing to let go of who […]

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“I’m Not a Bad Person – Why Me?”

"I experienced timelessness on this vacation. Now that I am back, I feel more clear and energized than ever."

Thought for today: Compulsive debtors can have the best intentions before they get to DA. They are sometimes “double winners” – members of other Twelve Step fellowships before they get here, who are actively working their programs.  Some are church regularly to seek spiritual renewal.  Others are active members of civic communities, or parents struggling to feed their children.  The disease […]

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Freedom From the Pressure of Debt

We express gratitude when we appreciate the beauty around us.

Thought for today: When debt accumulates, it is a growing distraction.  All areas of life suffer – home, sleep, and especially work. Our daily work requires focus.  We must commit ourselves to it.  But unsecured debt has a way of requiring our undivided attention… DA Question 2: Does the pressure of your debts distract you from your […]

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Principles Before Difficult Personalities

Thought for today: There is a famous saying that “No man is an island”.  In families, businesses and groups we are not alone. Some people seem to carry toxic feelings around with them all the time, and we feel powerless to deal with or help them.  “…They seem to have been born that way…. but many of them do recover […]

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“My debts are making my home life unhappy”

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God

Thought for today: Compulsive debting doesn’t just affect us, it affects our family too.   Many of us spent in excess on unnecessary items, with little left for family needs. Debting is a family disease.  That’s why the first question to ask ourselves when we consider whether we are a debtor is “Are your debts making […]

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