Overcoming Envy and Greed

Thought for today: Greed and envy work against our recovery.  They tell us that we don’t have enough – that life is a “zero-sum game” in which we must claw our way to the top, taking what we can. This limited thinking leads to compulsive debting,  gossip, stealing, manipulation and many other defects of character.  It proves that we […]

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“What Should I Do With My Anger At Work?”

Thought for today: When taking an inventory of character defects, “Resentment is the ‘number one’ offender.” says the book, “Alcoholics Anonymous”.  So too with compulsive debtors! “[Resentment] destroys more alcoholics than anything else. From it stem all forms of spiritual disease, for we have been not only mentally and physically ill, we have been spiritually sick. […]

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The Importance Of a Prudent Reserve

Thought for today: Sometimes when times get tough and our reserve funds take a hit, we can wind up getting stuck in fear.  We’ll isolate from those closest to us, the very ones who need to know what’s going on. It’s important to be honest with ourselves and with others affected.  Getting to a place of […]

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Finding a Sponsor in DA

Thought for today: After a recent meeting a newcomer asked “I’ve made my six meetings in two weeks, and I’ve decided DA is for me.  Now what?” A member shares: At this point, an old-timer in the group spoke up, saying “It sounds like you’re ready to take certain steps in your recovery.  Remember how […]

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Acceptance of Ourselves


Thought for today: Acceptance is the fifth and last stage of the “five stages of grief*”.  Having gone through denial, anger, bargaining and depression over our debts, it is a welcome relief to be able to see a blue sky again! A member shares: “When I accept myself as I am, and accept my net […]

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Dealing With Depression Over Debt

Healing starts when we begin believing there is something to hope for.

Thought for today: Depression, the fourth stage of the five stages of grief*, is something we are all familiar with.  Depression held many of us hostage. Sometimes underneath the feelings that bring us down is the realization that avoiding pain has been our undoing.  Denying we had a problem, being angry over it, trying to find “quick fix deals” doesn’t work. […]

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Bargaining With Compulsive Debt

The Highway

Thought for today: Bargaining is the third of the “”five stages of grief*”.  For compulsive debtors, this means a desperate search for ways to avoid the consequences of debt. We may feel compelled to hold extra jobs to pay our creditors.  We may “splurge and purge” , going on bulimic shopping sprees, and when the rush of binge […]

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Overcoming Debt-Denial

"I experienced timelessness on this vacation. Now that I am back, I feel more clear and energized than ever."

Thought for today: “Purposeful forgetting” is one of the ways we stayed in denial about our financial and emotional losses. Nevertheless, compulsive debting, reactive spending binges, and self-defeating under earning are forms of insanity, and they only get worse over time.  Until we start to deal with our debting, let go of denial (pride) and admit powerlessness over debting, […]

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Dealing With the Disease of Compulsive Debting


Thought for today: Having a “disease” (“dis-ease”) implies a “lack of ease”.  It’s like an allergy, which left untreated, gets aggravated, and progressively worse. Compulsive debtors have an allergy to credit cards, which often includes the aggravating addiction of overspending and/or chronic under earning. To accept that we have such a problem takes us effort.  Who wants to admit that they have a disease? […]

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From Indecision to Leadership (Using BDA Tool 12)

Thought for today: Business people sometimes use imperfect information when making decisions.  There are no guarantees of outcomes, only ways to lower risks and maximize outcomes. We may get professional advice for the big-ticket items, but the decisions, ultimately, are ours. BDA Tool 12 “We are willing to be in charge and responsible for our business. Professionals such as accountants, […]

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