The Biggest Sign Of Being a Compulsive Shopper, and a Surprising Antidote

Plenty of Time, Money, and Love

Thought for today: As holidays approach and family gift giving is on the agenda, we pause to think about compulsive shopping. DA Sign 4 of being a compulsive debtor: Compulsive shopping: Being unable to pass up a “good deal”; making impulsive purchases; leaving price tags on clothes so they can be returned; not using items you’ve […]

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How to Deal With Our Feelings From Step 5

The path

Thought for today: Step 5 talks about a mysterious barrier between us and the people we meet.  We debtors delude those around us almost as much as we delude ourselves. DA Step 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. When we finally took an inventory of ourselves, […]

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“Stuff Happens – So Don’t Count On No Stuff Happening!”


Thought for today: Debtors in their denial are irrationally optimistic.  They are above worrying about money – that is for mere mortals.  We need a Spending Plan that includes a Savings Plan. DA Tool 5, Spending Plan: The spending plan puts our needs first and gives us clarity and balance in our spending. It includes […]

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Audacious Goals


Thought for today: Sometimes we need to claim our own future with specific goals. Then if we share our visions with trusted friends as if they have already happened, we set the bar high for ourselves.  When we have truly committed ourselves, we often find that we will do everything in our power to make our goals.  This is a healthy use […]

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Expectations: Resentments In Training Wheels

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: When we expect others to behave a certain way, it sets us up for anger.  They have free will, and they resent being manipulated. Expectations and resentment lead us down a rabbit hole that brings us to debt and despair.  We need to constantly be on guard for attempts to control others. DA Step 4: […]

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“Life’s Not Fair!”

The Highway

Thought for today: Sometimes life is unfair.  Some people are born into wealth, others into  poverty.  Nepotism happens, and as a result, some people always have the advantage of knowing the inside scoop.   Accidents of birth makes a cluster of entrepreneurs who are in the right place at the right time to create incredible inventions. A person could feel […]

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“Will I Ever Have Clarity Again?”


Thought for today: Vague, lacking confidence, confused, indecisive.  When many of us come into DA, we feel bewildered.  How did we get so off course?  And how do we get back our lives? DA Promise 2: Clarity will replace vagueness. Confidence and intuition will replace confusion and chaos. We will live engaged lives, make decisions […]

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Why We Put “Our Needs First”

...we tried to carry this message to compulsive debtors, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Thought for today: Being in debt is a temporary situation, but some debtors think it is the end of the world.  They can’t buy food or electricity because they need to make payments to creditors. Why do we put creditors needs first?  Because we neglect reality.  We forget that we exist.  Only the object of […]

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Are Student Loans “Secured Assets”?

Creative decorations

Thought for today: Many of us thought of student loans as being “secured assets“, but they are not.  Degrees are valuable, but are not financial assets.  The education we get is not technically an asset. Although student loans are usually cheaper than credit card debt, they are just as dangerous for the compulsive debtor to engage in. […]

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10 Things Every New DA Member Should Know

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: If we are new to DA, we will want to get right into the program of recovery and give DA a chance to help us.  There are a few things we can benefit from knowing right away, as we approach this new way of thinking about money. A member shares: “When I first came […]

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