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What it is: daily reflections – D.A. Thought for This Day – Affirmations – Meditations – Prayers.
Why it is: Other 12 step fellowships have used daily reflection books for years, and these “24 hour” books are a proven help in the spiritual growth of their membership.   The site was originally inspired by D.A. Conference Approved Literature P-129, Just For This Day , which ends with this affirmation:
“…Just for this day, I will be grateful for the abundance in my  life.  I will recognize that there is enough money, enough time, and enough love.”
Who writes it: “Plenty of Time, Money, and Love” is written by a private member. It is the author’s hope that it helps other D.A. members work their program – to spend time better, navigate debt recovery sanely – to share stories of recovery from the debilitating disease of compulsive debting, managing numbers, and discovering love along the way. The author prefers to remain anonymous.
What it is not: This site represents the views of a D.A. member, and as such does not represent the views of Debtors Anonymous as a whole.   This site is not D.A. Conference Approved Literature.

What you can do with it: You can post your comments on any reading, ask questions, offer suggestions, sign up to receive each daily reading in email.

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