February 24, Am I Aware of My Self-talk, As It Relates to Tool Nine?

Thought for today:

Some members shared about their new self-awareness about money:

“When I was a young child in grade school, I used to sell candy to my friends. When the parents and principal found out, I was made to feel ashamed of my profit motive, and had to give back every dime, and I was out the candy they ate, too. Ever since then, I’ve secretly felt guilty about having money. If I have money, I have to spend it fast, otherwise something bad is going to happen.”

“Money and me are soon parted.”

“I’ve always felt that money isn’t necessary to live.”

“An artist is never poor.”

“An artist is always poor.”

“I feel selfish if I take care of my own needs first.”

“Money burns a hole in my pocket.”

We need to take notice of messages we tell ourselves.  They  may have been taught to us early on, but we can question these messages and create new ones.

We can heal our attitude and outlook on money.

Am I willing to look at my feelings and my self-talk about money?

Meditation for today:

We often attach too much baggage to money.  Money is not good or bad, it just exists.  Like air, food, or water, it is essential for our well-being. We wouldn’t deprive ourselves of water or air, would we?  Such is the flow of money throughout life.  Look at money for what it is, a source of replenishment, a resource to be used responsibly, as a good steward.

Affirmation for today:

I am a good steward of all the wealth I have been given. I can leave my money alone in an account if it belongs there.

Prayer for today:

I pray for the willingness to be honest about my attitudes and feelings about money. I pray that as I am honest, I will learn to appreciate money as a tool for our benefit.

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