An End to Living in Shame About Money

Thought for today:

Many of us, developed strange attitudes and concepts about money.  We began living a secret shame which was exhausting and isolating.

Sign #9 (of compulsive debting)

“Unwarranted inhibition and embarrassment in what should be a normal discussion of money.”

A member shares:

“I used to get so scared when I talked about money with my husband.  I felt judged because I could never balance a checkbook, and I felt I had no right to discuss family finances.

“Then  the program helped me find my voice, and my common sense started to come back.  I would remember expenses coming up that he had forgotten.  Suddenly our spending plan was not random.

“My opinion matters, and I really have nothing to fear when I share with my husband.  Principles matter, not personalities, and unhealthy shame has no place in my life.”

 Secrets Revealed:

In the program of recovery from compulsive debting, it’s ok to freely talk about money and debts.  We are among friends who are interested in us and not in our facade.  This allows us to learn a new level of honesty: self-honesty.

Shame is optional.  Telling our story at a meeting can benefit others and it helps us too.  Our old secrets no longer hold the same power over us that they once did.


Am I honest with myself?

Meditation for today:

Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.  The truth is much deeper than that.

New beginnings happen all the time.  Hit restart.  If  fearful thoughts come to mind, thank the universe anyway and think of an affirmation grounded in gratitude and humility.

You are not alone.  Self-love and self-honesty are the best examples of light the world has.

Affirmations for today:

“I have everything I need.”

“I have strength to overcome obstacles.”

“I make healthy decisions about who to trust.”

“I make healthy choice about how to spend my time and money.”

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