February 22, Why We Use DA and AA Literature (Tool Eight)

Thought for today:

A member recalls:

“My thinking was just out of line with reality when it came to money. I had so much to learn, and there were only so many meetings I could get to where I lived. Thanks to DA literature I was able to stay connected to the fellowship at any time.”

Tool Eight: DA and AA literature
“We study literature of Debtors Anonymous and of Alcoholics Anonymous to strengthen our understanding of compulsive disease and of recovery from compulsive debting.”

One reason we read DA literature is to help us understand the fellowship of Debtors Anonymous.  Reading the  stories of how other members suffered from compulsive debt, and how they found solvency using the principles if DA makes us realize we are not alone in this downward debt spiral.

With literature from Alcoholics Anonymous, we can learn about the nature of addiction.  Reading from the AA Big Book and trying to identify with the feelings of the stories and the insanity of alcoholism helps make it clear to us that we can never go back to “normal” use of credit.

The nature of our disease  of compulsive debting is that it is arrested, never cured.  Literature brings this and many other  insights to light, ultimately improving our perspective on life.

Do I read DA and AA literature and seek out the truths that they contain?

Meditation for today:

Like a long distance runner, we must pace ourselves in the program, especially in the beginning. True, the swift sprint of sweeping change – cutting up credit cards for example – is dramatic can be necessary, but it’s also the regular breathing in and working out – the daily or even hourly application of DA ideas to the small tasks and challenges of the day – that helps us make the long haul in our recovery.

Affirmation for today:

I will focus on one piece of spiritual literature today to lift my soul. I will re-read it as many times as is necessary in order for me to grasp its deepest meaning, and I will relish in these insights.

Prayer for today:

I pray for quiet, meditative moments in communion with my Higher Power where I reflect on something I have just learned. I pray that during these times I will recognize and trust the goodness and abundance that I receive as I practice the principles of DA.

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