April 21, “DA Unity” and the “Collective Conscience” Are In Charge of DA (Concept One)

Thought for today:

Unity is a theme woven throughout DA.  Although DA has a large membership worldwide, we come together to in effect become one fellowship, unified in our primary purpose of helping the debtor still suffering.  We meet  to share and strengthen each other.

Our First Tradition states that “Our common welfare comes first.  Personal recovery depends on DA unity.”   In a sense, we are of one mind in our common goal of helping the newcomer find solvency.

This unity of purpose is only possible because in DA our “collective conscience” strengthens the fellowship.  Our groups become members of the General Service Board of DA, which collects our groups’ collective conscience and ultimately unifies our fellowship.

When individuals come together as DA members and give voice to the Higher Power, unified under the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of DA, we become instruments of peace and prosperity for all , especially those who still suffer from this disease.

DA works because of  the authority we give the collective conscience of our members. Just as our active disease had many aspects, but was one disease, so our recovery has many hands, but it is unified into one fellowship.

Concept One:

“The ultimate responsibility and authority for Debtors Anonymous World Services should always remain with the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship as expressed through the DA groups.”


Do I accept my responsibility as a group member to help keep the collective conscience alive?

Carl Jung’s influence helped Bill W. create this Concept:

Carl Jung’s teachings helped the cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W., develop Concept One, and indeed the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous itself.  Jung stressed a psychic change as the only opportunity for recovery possible for chronic alcoholics.  He coined the terms “Collective Unconscious” and “Collective Conscience”. 

Meditation for today:

When people agree to reason and heal, the work improves.  Your thoughts, in harmony with the great life force for good, effect real change for the better.

Affirmations for today:

“I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.”

“I am charged by a power greater than myself.  I channel that power throughout my day.”

Prayer for today:

“I pray for the spirit of the collective good to bring about events in my life that make me grateful.”

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