March 26, “Earning What We Are Worth”

Thought for today:

First off: there is no such thing as earning what you are worth – because you are priceless!  Let’s move on…

Ok, so there may still be some work to do with attitudes here.  Letting go of resentments toward bosses or jobs, for instance.  No problem!  Let’s try thinking, instead, about improving your earning potential within your particular areas of experience.

Self-limiting thoughts may be a barrier to increased earnings  -“No one will hire me…”, “I’m lucky to have this job…”, etc. Negative self-talk can be a self-fulfilling mantra if you let it loose on your life. So don’t!  Let positive affirmations enter to your mind. If you need training in your field, treat that awareness as a line item in your Action List at your next PRG meeting.

Free training is available on the internet for many skill sets.  While certifications may still be expensive, many times you can get by with a test fee if you have the vision and set a goal to study  online on your own time.

Earning more money is more likely when you start with envisioning your goals, and then pay diligent attention to following through with what your PRG meeting uncovers.

No PRG meeting yet?  No problem!  Attend a DA meeting and find someone to ask.  This can even be done on the telephone if you are too remote from other members.  Join a telephone DA meeting.

If you are entrepreneurial in nature but haven’t tried your own business, there are often ways to do so without risking a lot of money, time or energy to do what you love.  More people can do than you might think. *

Do I know that I, personally, am of great value, and that the only real limit on my earnings is that of my imagination and my priorities?

Meditation for today:

Just for kicks, imagine an extra zero on your paycheck. Does it make you feel uncomfortable to imagine that?

Some of us have a fatalistic idea that we don’t deserve better than what we already have. In order to start the ball rolling, we can recognize that opportunities are all around us.  Often a little more self-awareness helps us to see them.  Don’t be stuck in obsessive thinking that blinds you to the possibilities!

If we want to earn more, what we need to do first is acquire a willingness to grow along new spiritual lines, to scale our ideas up a notch and to outgrow the current spot we are in. The wage we earn reflects the vision we once had – so dream forward!

Let’s be honest: We usually suspect one answer or another, if we are willing to be honest with ourselves and drop some of the restrictions we have put on ourselves.  Be willing and open to new ideas.

Don’t expect to do it perfectly.  You don’t have to.  The world evolves, and so can you!

Affirmations for today:

Today I will ask the universe for a new opportunity to scale my work into a new area.

Today I will delegate and automate as much as I can, and focus on the best value I bring to the table!

Prayer for today:

I pray for the willingness to imagine earning more, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel. I pray that I become ready for economic justice to return to my life.

“Extra Credit Reading”:

Increase your bank account by learning more about your niche potential at these great websites:

  •  Step by step, Pat Flynn ( shows how to find your niche market online.  He also hosts a weekly podcast that you can download from the site. Start with this episode: Types of Passive Income – Part 1.  Pat is especially inspiring because he was laid off during the housing crisis from a promising career in architecture and built a very successful passive income stream from scratch with little to no cash investment.  He reports his income each month from affiliate marketing, niche website building, etc.  Pat gives away all kinds of information about how to develop your own niche business.
  • Nathan Barry ( is a designer and entrepreneur. His work is visually stunning, and he teaches design.
  • You can learn practically anything else at places like the Kahn Academy: (  and Coursera (

This is just a small sample of what’s out there.

(By clicking the above links you will be brought to other websites that are not affiliated with PlentyTML.  We hope you are inspired by the information these sites contain.  If you have a chance, please post back on this page what you find!)