FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I subscribe to the D.A. Thought for Today?”

On mobile phones Use the “Subscribe” form in the footer of this page.  When viewing the full site on a computer, the form also appears on the right hand side of each page.

Enter your name and your email address and click submit.  You will receive a confirmation page, and an email with a link to confirm your request to subscribe.  We do this because we need to make sure you really want to subscribe.

“How do I leave comments on a post?”

Click the link at the end of any post where it says “you must be logged in to post a comment”.  You will be prompted to create a site account.  (Note that this is different from the newsletter subscription account.)

Enter a name you feel comfortable using on the site (you will want to stay anonymous) and enter your email address so we can verify you are who you say you are.

You can tell you are logged in because your user name appears at the top right hand corner of the site , and the end of each post says “Leave a Comment”.  

After you have logged in the first time, the site will remember you on that device. You will need to log in on each device you use for the first time in order to post a comment.  (On a shared computer you may want to log out afterwards.)