Fourth Step Template

Fourth Step instructions:

1) Complete the “Who?” column first, listing all resentments first, followed by the rest of the “deadly defects”.  (Notice how we didn’t say sin?  No judgement here!)  Popular defects among us were Pride (read: “haughtiness”), Anger, Lust, Envy (you know, jealousy), Sloth (being a lazy good for nothing, LOL), Greed, and Gluttony.

2) After listing all the people in column one, start describing “What happened” in column two.  Do not continue until all of column two is filled in.

3) Now, list the part of you that was affected.  Suggestions: Was it hurt pride?  Fear of losing money, sex, or self-esteem?  Finish the entire column three before continuing.

4) In this column, try to narrow it down to actions you took or didn’t take that could have improved the situation.

5) This one should be simple: What is the opposite of the entry you made in column four?

1. Who 2. What happened? 3. What part of self was affected? 4. Exact nature of my wrong 5. What is the opposite?