How Affirmations Attract Prosperity.

We use affirmations in DA to stop the self-limiting messages we may be telling ourselves, and to replace them with ideas to improve our attitudes, energize our work, attract wealth – whatever helps us toward our goals .  Here are some wealth-attracting affirmations. They are purposely in the present tense to help energize us. Notice how you feel when you read or say these out loud:

“I am attracting great wealth into my life.”

“I am ready to receive and use more wealth in order to improve the collective well being, starting at home and freely rippling through the universe.”

“I am receiving abundant amounts of time, money and love, without dread, loathing or bias.”

“The value I build into my product (or job or service) is improving the quality of my life.”

“I am true to my mission: to provide value to my customers, my friends, my family, and most of all, to myself.”

“I remain affable – except when serious challenges arise. Then I speak my truth kindly, calmly and as clearly as necessary – THINKing” (see January 2nd Affirmation for details on this powerful filter)

“I am a consummate winner with consistent productivity gains, moral character, friendships, and love.”

“Today I continue the miracle of my recovery.”

“Today I am alert, attentive and caring.”

“I am in the moment now, and I see all things as opportunities to grow.”

Did you feel guilty or uncomfortable with any of these ideas? If so, try to see what’s going on inside yourself that is causing this feeling. You may have just struck a vein of gold!

Can you add your own affirmations? If you have a great affirmation, feel free to post here on this page. We further our recovery when we share out strength with other members.

Meditation for Today:

We can get so comfortable in places where nothing changes that we stagnate. Proactively affirming who we want to become or what we want to do in the future – as if it is happening now – helps us begin to discard our protective shell and grow freely.

Affirmation for Today:

“As I create affirmations for attracting wealth, I realize that there is plenty of time, money, and love in the world.”

(Also: Pick any from today’s Thought!)

Prayer for Today:

“Creator of all abundance, I realize that I have often placed the most limits to what comes to fruition in my life. Remove from me every self-limiting message I tell myself.”

Affirmative Reading:

For an in-depth look at how affirmations can help bring about increasing prosperity, many have used Jerrold Mundis’ book “How to Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously” as a guide.  Jerry’s no-nonsense style and engaging wit make it easy to grasp how a person can find themselves in the “debt spiral”, and discover how to stop that spiral cold and turn it around into a life of freedom and abundance.

He gets right to the point in this book, making it a comprehensive guide to getting “Back to  Black”.  Addressing the entire person (not just their bank account),  Jerry shines a light on the attitudes and emotions of the compulsive debtor, the tendencies to live life on the edge, and even the confusion some debtors have around simple math when it comes to managing their own money.  Then he brings you through affirmations that fly directly in the face of those confused attitudes and emotions, to help improve attitudes and habits around money and life in general.

“How to Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously” is a Bantam book, based on the concepts of Debtors Anonymous.  Many have benefited from this version of the book, updated in 2012.  Jerrold’s knowledge of overcoming compulsive debting is firsthand, and it will help you to increase your income and reverse patterns of under earning and overspending, no matter how entrenched those patterns are.

(By clicking the book link above you will be brought to, where you can buy this book.  If you do make a purchase, Amazon gives us a commission.  However, using the link in no way increases your cost.  Using the link helps us defray the costs of running this website.)


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  1. You wrote: ““How to Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously” is a Penguin book, based on the concepts of Debtors Anonymous.”

    Actually, it’s a Bantam book. But either way, I’m glad you’ve found it help andI hope it continues to be, for you and your readers – and thank you for the mention.

    Be well,